E-FAST (extended focused assessment by sonograpy for trauma) represent the basic ultrasonographic approach to any trauma patient. Identification or exclusion of free fluid and air in the abdominal and thoracic cavities plays a pivotal role in deciding the immediate diagnostic and therapeutic path. Learning E-FAST is mandatory for all acute care surgeons and all physicians involved in trauma management. The structure of the book and its practical approach will make it an easy-to-consult and quick reference tool for beginners and a useful support for more experienced professionals.

Table of contents

1 Basic physics, instrumentation and knobology.

2 E-FAST protocol: Introduction and focused questions.

3 Abdominal views: Anatomy, Techniques, Scanning tips and tricks, abnormal images.

4 Thoracic views: Anatomy, Techniques, Scanning Tips and Tricks, Abnormal Images.

5 Including EFAST in Trauma algorithm.

6 The role of EFAST in Comprehensive US Trauma Management (ABCDE-US) Facing Clinical Scenarios.

7 Pre-Hospital US in Trauma: Role and Tips.

8 CEUS-FAST: What is it?