Modular UltraSound ESTES Course


A new MUSEC for Surgeons!

Yes, like a new music, MUSEC is still singing  for whom is involved in any emergency settings. From surgeons to surgeons, particularly devoted to Acute Care Surgeons and for all Physicians who need a surgical decision-making approach.

MUSEC is a Modular focused ultrasound course with 2/3 of time dedicated to hands-on training on healthy models and phantoms, simulated case, and a preliminary theoretical part on an e-learning platform.

Two main aims for each module: teaching US technique and abnormal findings (“to be able to do”) and practicing US driven surgical decision-making in different settings.

Our teaching system is based on practical sessions; we are strongly convinced that the best way to learn is to do it yourself, with tutors that are coaching and lead your improvements, in order to optimize your efforts and your time.

For this reason we created a web based e-learning platform, where almost all the theoretical and “boring” lessons are uploaded (e-learning is MANDATORY in order to complete the residential course).

We also developed innovative phantoms, tailored for our basic and advanced modules. As student, you can experience the sensation of an US-guided invasive maneuver, find and detect abscesses, normal and pathological bowel loops, etc., and rapidly building up your “muscle&eyes-memory”